Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How To Carve a Turkey:

Happy Thanksgiving.
1) Obtain a long knife with a thin blade. A carving fork helps too.
2) Insert the knife into the spot where the thighbones meet the turkey's body.
3) Separate the thigh from the body by feeling for the joint, and cutting along the joint.
4) Feel for the joint in the drumstick, and cut along the joint until the drumstick is free from the thigh.
5) Slice along the bones of the thigh and drumstick getting as much meat off with one stroke as possible.
6) Cut thigh and drumstick meat into slices.
7) Find the joint where the wing connects to the turkey's body, and cut along the joint freeing the wings from the rest of the body.
8) Cutting parallel to the breast, cut slices off of each side of the breast.
9) Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

hey its otis

Munpe Q said...

I like cheese.

Anonymous said...

I would have been totally lost this thanksgiving if it werent for you! Thanks buddy!

Anonymous said...

it kinda looks like predator...

Anonymous said...

haha! it does!

Anonymous said...

i think ur turky looks funny

Anonymous said...

hey look at the front of it it looks like a ball sack

Anonymous said...

lol i know right

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

c'mon guys thats mean

sudz said...

no... its not mean.....its just a!

Anonymous said...

"it kinda looks like predator..."

it rele does look like a predator.....i mean damnnn

Anonymous said...

Are those potatoes? Why not use them for mashed potatoes? What a waste...

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