Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to Get Answers by Texting Google:

So I've been using this a lot lately. You can get an answer to most questions by sending Google a text message (sms). To do it, simply send a message to 466453 (G-O-O-G-L-E).

Here are some example of what you can do: (send the following commands)

  • definition aspartame (returns the definition of aspartame)
  • weather 90210 (returns the weather conditions for the zip code 90210)
  • score yankees (returns the score for the Yankees game)
  • movies 90210 (sends back a list of movies playing, you choose the movie and it returns movie times)
  • translate hello in german (gives you the word hello in german, 'hallo')
  • stock goog (returns stock quote for 'GOOG')

You can even convert things:

  • 5 gallons in liters
  • 6 euros in usd

There are a lot of other cool things that you can do with it. For more information, and an interactive demo check out Google's web page on the subject here.

Friday, January 11, 2008

How to Make a Homemade Collimator for Your Laser

Article reproduced with permission by Vic from

In this Page, I will show you how to make an Homemade Collimator for your laser!
A laser collimator is basically a laser beam adjuster.
You could adjust the beam of your laser to as thin as hair(great for burning).
Or you could adjust it to go as far as possible, also known as the mRad(the laser beam's divergence).
    Things Needed:
  • Concave Lens, About the size of your Laser(Look at picures)

  • Convex Lens, About the size of your Laser(Look at pictures)

  • Pen/Lead Pencil about as thick as your laser(Look at pictures)

  • Fire Source(To heat knife)

  • Knife(To Cut the "Pen/Lead Pencil")

  • Epoxy Glue, ask a hardware store for the best glue for glass)

  • File

The Lenses I used were from an old Camera.

Step 1: Test your lenses(concave infront of laser, move convex lens back and forth) and write down the distance between the 2 lenses that you think has the best divergence.

Step 2: Heat up a knife until it's red, make sure the knife's handle isn't metal, if it is, make sure to wear gloves.

Step 3: Look at the picture below to see where to cut, leave some extra space for the larger tube.

Step 4: Cut off/file down the pieces until you think the lens will fit (screw the 2 pieces together and look at your measurements from Step 1, look at the diagram and file down to about 1-3mm behind the dotted red line, DON'T GO PAST IT!!)

Step 5: Mix a small amount of Epoxy glue, and use a toothpick to apply it to where you put the lens.

Step 6: Let it dry

Step 7: Use tape to stick it in front of your laser

Step 8: Done!!!