Monday, December 12, 2005

How To Make a Mentos/Diet Soda Fountain:

1) Get a two-liter bottle of soda. We found that Diet Coke works better than anything else.

2) Get a pack of Mentos, the mint kind.

3) Make a paper tube that is the same diameter as the Mentos.

4) Put an index card under the tube, and fill the tube with Mentos.

5) Open the two-liter bottle.

6) Put the tube with the flashcard under it on top of the two-liter bottle and align the tube with the opening in the bottle.

7) Quickly remove the flashcard so that all of the Mentos fall into the two-liter bottle at once, and get out of the way.

8) Watch.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

How To Throw a Playing Card:

1) Find a good card. The plastic coated ones work best.

2) Put the arm you plan to throw with in front of you, with your elbow bent at a ninety degree angle.

3) Grip the card with your thumb and ring finger, and place your index finger on the corner furthest away from your hand.
4) Bend your wrist so that the card is closest to you.

5) With one solid movement, snap your wrist in a frisbee-throw type of motion and release the card at the peak of this movement. Do not use your elbow.

6) At the moment of release, push your index finger back towards your hand, which should spin the card.

7) The card should not travel fast, but most of its movement should come with the spin.

8) After enough practice, this technique should be able to pierce paper, fruits, skin, and even drywall.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

How To Make a Bonfire:

1) You need to create a fire pit or use a pre-made one. To creat a fire pit, dig a big hole away from any trees or anything else flammable. Make sure that the place that are you are making the bonfire allows bonfires, and that the people around are okay with it.

2) Stack wood in a log cabin fashion inside of the pit, building upwards. Make sure to space the wood out to leave a center.

3) Fill the center with wood chippings/ twigs/ newspaper. Only use dry leaves if you don't have anything else as they have a tendency to burn up quickly and be carried away in wind.

4) Use matches to light different points in the center.

5) Blow into center of the "log cabin" appropriately to get the fire to burn hotter.

6) Add additional kindling until center logs catch on fire and embers are created.

Friday, December 02, 2005

How To Make a Flour Grenade:

1) Get a napkin and spread it out. Lay it down on a flat surface.

2) Put about two cups of flour (500 ml if you're foreign), into the center of the napkin.

3) Gather all four corner of the napkin and attach them using a rubber band.

4) Throw at your desired victim and laugh.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

How To Make Toast With Pictures In It:

1) Get a piece of bread and draw the picture that you want toasted onto it. I used that fake spray-on butter, because in my experiences the result is usually better, and it is easier to draw your picture.

2) Turn your stove on HIGH. Let it sit for a minute. You want it to be really hot.

3) Put your piece of toast face down in the pan (with the picture facing the heat source). Make sure to do it very gently, because you can't slide it at all once it goes into the pan.

4) Let it toast for a few minutes.

5) Lift up your piece of toast and check out your picture.

6) Give your piece of toast to a friend, eat it yourself, or sell it on eBay for $28000