Monday, December 12, 2005

How To Make a Mentos/Diet Soda Fountain:

1) Get a two-liter bottle of soda. We found that Diet Coke works better than anything else.

2) Get a pack of Mentos, the mint kind.

3) Make a paper tube that is the same diameter as the Mentos.

4) Put an index card under the tube, and fill the tube with Mentos.

5) Open the two-liter bottle.

6) Put the tube with the flashcard under it on top of the two-liter bottle and align the tube with the opening in the bottle.

7) Quickly remove the flashcard so that all of the Mentos fall into the two-liter bottle at once, and get out of the way.

8) Watch.


Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing in a TV show.
It's fun !

Very fantastic blog, by the way !

Anonymous said...

Some one should try putting on the cap and see how big a boom there is.

Anonymous said...

I went to Home Depot and got a 3/4 inch diameter copper tube about 1 foot long and it works perfectly for the fountain.

Anonymous said...

chris brown you should do a "how it"

Anonymous said...

I tried this but it didn't spray this much:/ and i even used a diet coke. I think it was becouse of cold air. I'm going to put mentoses inside a paper bag and stuff it in the bottle, then put on the cap. Coke grenade ^^.
I'm gonna record it too.

Anonymous said...

or u can make a nozzel thing ang make a coke roket=)

plippie_lizzie said...

Freaking awesome! I wanna try that someday..

gaystew said...

Does anyone know if it makes a difference if the soda is cold or room temperature?

Anonymous said...

put a cap on and tehy shoot pritty high.

Anonymous said...

Haha, my teacher did this as a physics lesson, except they drilled small holes into the middle of the mentos. Not sure if it matters, but it was pretty cool. Awesome blog, great stuff I wanna try.

Anonymous said...

awesumm. i did this with a soda can. in school. cus with a can its not big or serious or anythin. just fun. but it was a pretty damn big fountain still. and with only 2 mentos's.

son of satan said...

i am gonna do rthis after school today gonna go th the shop get some ... hmm cherryade and im gonna do it where the buses come ... COOL

Anonymous said...

it is better if you chew one mento and then stick it to the cap the stick another mento on that put the cap on and then shake it so it falls in. then throw it on the grownd and it will shoot up 15-20 ft. on average but iv seen some go over houses

Anonymous said...

if you have a brand new roll of mentos then you can just slide the paper off so that its wrapped in that metal/tin/paper stuff.then drop the tube into a 2 litter bottle of DIET coke and quickly put the cap on and shake it for a good minute or untill the bottle gets so stiff that u cant press on it. then very gently unscrew the cap till you hear a ttsssssssss then throw it as hard as you can parralel to the ground(=) and it should go pretty damn far.

anonymous said...

thats so funny/retarted/awsome!!
my science teacher taught my class how to do that. lol

really really kool blog!!

Anonymous said...

i like to put gum under the cap and between three mentos so they are stuck to the cap and hovering over the cola. then screw on the cap, tap it, and they will all fall in. then you can throw the bottle at the cround(cap first) and it will make a rocket.

Anonymous said...

i like to put gum under the cap and between three mentos so they are stuck to the cap and hovering over the cola. then screw on the cap, tap it, and they will all fall in. then you can throw the bottle at the cround(cap first) and it will make a rocket.

Anonymous said...

Poke a small hole in the cap, put a paperclip through (make sure u bend the end of the paperclip thats on the outside of the cap so it doesn't fall through) and put the paperclip through a couple mentos. Screw the cap on and pull the paperclip out. The mentos will fall into the diet coke and the small hole will cause a lot of pressure and it will shoot crazy high. Vary the size of the hole for best results.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i'm going to try this someday

Anonymous said...

Use rock salt much better reaction than mentos

Anonymous said...

Lol, or you could...
1. open can of soda, preferably diet Blah.
2. put in a mento.

Anonymous said...

does it make a different if it's mint flavor or other flavor ???

Anonymous said...

im doing that for a science project "what flavor mentos makes diet coke shoot higher" lol. imagine putting 20 mentos in it and put cap on.

Anonymous said...

Would a 1 liter diet coke bottle work to?

Hugh G. Rection said...

Put a Mentos in a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke, put the cap on and shake it. Now open the bottle and quickly ram the 2 liter up your ass. Tell me the results of your mentos/diet coke enema.

Anonymous said...

try putting 25 mentos in shake it up put it in your mouth and tell me how it feels

Anonymous said...


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tune in =]

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My advice to all you women out there who hate diets - apply for the next season of "Survivor".

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Paru-paru Basah
Paru-paru Basah
Paru-paru Basah
Paru-paru Basah

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