Monday, April 14, 2008

How To Watch TV Shows and Listen to Music on Your Computer for Free

There are a lot of good websites out there where you can watch tv shows online for free. Lately, I have been so busy that I haven't had the chance to catch all of the shows that I like to watch on tv, so I have been resorting to online streams. Here are my favorite links for (some legal, and some not so legal) websites where you can catch up on your shows, or just kill some time:

TV Shows/Movies
Matt and Trey (the guys that make South Park) made this website where you can watch every episode of South Park free and uncensored. It contains short commercials, but it is definitely a good site.
This is a website that has partnered with NBC, FOX, and lots of other companies to bring you free streams of their popular shows. Some of my favorites are The Office, Scrubs, House, American Dad, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, King of the Hill and Futurama. They have tons of shows, you can check out the full directory of shows here. They also have a few good movies that you can check out here.
This website has a ton of content. It isn't quite as legal as the first two, but it has a lot more content. There are tons of movies (lots of which are still in theatres), and lots of TV shows. Some of my favorites are Prison Break, Weeds, The Sopranos, and The Boondocks. No ads, but sometimes the videos don't work.
This is the CW's site of videos. I don't watch this channel much, but I have some friends that really love it. The site looks pretty nice, and I'm pretty sure that the videos have ads in them.
I really only ever go to this site to watch clips of The Daily Show, but there are a lot of other clips from Comedy Central on there. It's worth a look.

This website searches for mp3s on private servers. It is technically legal since they don't host any of the music, they just link to it. It has links to both listen to and download a file.
A lot like the site above, but sometimes their download link doesn't work very well. The streaming is very fast and good quality though.

If all else fails just try BitTorrent!!! My favorite site for finding torrents is, it searches lots of different torrent sites and displays them in the same window.

Good luck! Post any sites that I missed in the comments (Seinfeld?).


Jay said...

First comment bitches...

Nice. I checked out all the sites. =d

Anonymous said...

hey thanks guys for getting right back into the business. nice topic aswell.

J7 L7+ said...

This blog fucking smokes, dudes. McGyver is beaming down from heaven (swiss army knife accident).

Derek said...

I already knew about all those site's, but I suppose it's useful for anyone who doesn't know yet. :)

Seriously, I just got done watching both seasons of "Stacked" on Hulu. I didn't even think I'd like that show.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget,,,, and

Anonymous said...

Great music site: Pandora dot com.

Anonymous said...

There is a site the is a legal P2P network for songs and music videos but dont install the imesh mediabar

and is cool

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

all u dumbasses can download stuff easily by p2p crap like limewire, are, etc

Anonymous said...

if you google search band and/or album name or or others you can find almost anything.
also, searches a bunch like this for you.

Anonymous said...

that is, site*

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... and are my favorite

Anonymous said...

You can take movies from sites like YouTube with only the URL, at

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Anonymous said... a lot of free music downloads and listens - all I use

ellie said... has tons of tv programs and movies. If a show airs on cable on Monday 9pm for example. This site (although not perfect, but i'm not complaining! :)) will have the show uploaded pretty much immediately after it airs. PBS, National Geographic, many home sites also let ya view a bit. ty great info! *

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