Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to Get Answers by Texting Google:

So I've been using this a lot lately. You can get an answer to most questions by sending Google a text message (sms). To do it, simply send a message to 466453 (G-O-O-G-L-E).

Here are some example of what you can do: (send the following commands)

  • definition aspartame (returns the definition of aspartame)
  • weather 90210 (returns the weather conditions for the zip code 90210)
  • score yankees (returns the score for the Yankees game)
  • movies 90210 (sends back a list of movies playing, you choose the movie and it returns movie times)
  • translate hello in german (gives you the word hello in german, 'hallo')
  • stock goog (returns stock quote for 'GOOG')

You can even convert things:

  • 5 gallons in liters
  • 6 euros in usd

There are a lot of other cool things that you can do with it. For more information, and an interactive demo check out Google's web page on the subject here.


Hugh G. Rection said...

If I text Google asking why someone would post this, would it text me back saying "Because he's a douchebag."? If so then I might continue to use it after that. That would be some acurate stuff right there.

Linda said...

OK, so some people are immature. I think this post is helpful! ;-)

Anonymous said...

nice troll

I tried it and I put directions and it worked.

Zander Erasmus said...

hugh... you're the douchebag, if you don't want to read these posts then screw off

I for one think it's helpfull, I've never heard about this and I can think of 3-4 times where this would have been quite usefull

thanks for the info *thumbsup*

Caren said...

I suppose if you're far from a computer, and your phone isn't well-equipped for phone web surfing, then this could come in handy.

But that's why people like me just stay glued to our laptops all day long :P

Anonymous said...

I am sending this to my brother who is for ever on his cell phone but always lost!

Karlan said...

And if you can't use shortcodes,
you could always use my Free service which is built on top google with a bunch more cool features!

hugh, your the douchebag

Anonymous said...

Dont worry hugh I thought your comment was funny.

Love mom

Viagra Online said...

Perfect I'm gonna do that, I'll send my message to 466453 (G-O-O-G-L-E), because it seems very interesting for me to acquire knowledge.

SaviorWooten said...

Seems Legit.

Runescape Gold said...

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Runescape Gold said...

I accept if you're far from a computer, and your buzz isn't well-equipped for buzz web surfing, again this could appear in handy.

But that's why humans like me just break alert to our laptops all day long

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Anonymous said...

Does using this mean charges on your phone?

Anonymous said...

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Macy Starr said...

Hugh...your pretty funny...obscure but funny non the pissed a bunch of people off but I was laughing my a$$ off. I also checked out the google text and it works which made me laugh even have a wickedly awesome sense of humor...but don't give up your day job...

Macy Starr said...

His hat will determine what color is next and so he may live or die but everyone else lives.

Anonymous said...

It wont work for me ;-;

Anonymous said...

Didnt work for me

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