Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How To Transfer Spray Paint into Another Bottle:

  1. Find the spray paint that you want to use. Also, find the empty can that you want to transfer the paint into.

  2. Pry the cap off of the empty can. Be careful not to damage it. Your empty can should look something like this:

  3. Take the tube out of the inside of a gel pen. Rip off the tip, and blow out all of the ink. Run water through to get any ink that might be left inside out of it. Cut the tube in half, and keep the end that had the tip on it.

  4. Pull the cap off of the spray paint can. Cut it apart to get the tube out of it.

  5. Put this tube into one end of your gel pen tube.

  6. Heat up the other end of the gel pen tube.

  7. Put the heated end onto the tube sticking out of the empty bottle. Use a little bit of force to get it on, you are trying to form the tube to the right size.

  8. Take the gel pen tube off of the empty can to let it cool. Now it should look something like this:

  9. Place the end of the tube with the tube that came off of the spray paint into the spray paint can. Place the end of the tube that you modified over the tube of the empty bottle.

  10. Press in the direction of the empty bottle, opening the bottle.

  11. Press on the spray paint can, so that paint starts to move from the spray paint can into the empty can. Make sure that the spray paint can has its tip horizontal to the tip of the receiving can.

  12. Shake the receiving can often to see how full it is. Fill to desired amount. WARNING: Do not overfill. Doing so will result in paint flying all over the place.

  13. Remove the tube and replace the tip onto the now full bottle.

  14. Voila! Shake the can really well (it doesn't have the ball used in spray paint cans to mix the paint, so it will take longer than usual), and use.

  • Wrap the receiving can in an ice pack to make the filling faster.
  • Cover the receiving can with plastic to minimize mess.
  • If there is not enough pressure in your can, repeat the process, but with the spray paint can vertical to the receiving can. The spray paint can should be upside down (tip facing the ground). This transfers only pressurized gas into the bottle.


Anonymous said...


Otis!!!!!!! said...


guy said...

does anyone go to this site cause no1 blogs?

Anonymous said...

this is awesome.

my brother is so spray painting the shit out of his armpits tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Thats cool...but i wonder...can you use two or more different spray paint cans adn put a little from each one into the recieving can and have a new color?

Anonymous said...

This is the stupidest thing I've heard yet. Dude, go buy a new can of paint. It's cheap.

Anonymous said...

thats so stupid where the hell am i gonna get a pen?

Monster said...

to Anonymous (oh wait, that's most of you):

The point is not to "refill" a spray paint can, the point is to be able to sneak spray paint somewhere or play a horrible prank on someone (as mentioned by the other anonymous).

Anonymous said...

Yeah you fucking retard. Who refills paint cans? You put black spray paint, or WD-40 in an Axe deoderant can, and voila, you got an awesome prank in a PE locker room.

Josofa said...

This trick is an old one, and graffiti artists were using it before Montana and Beltone started making colors they liked. Jungle green etc...

In can color/colour mixing works the same way and there are a number of different this maddness.

Check this link...(several others also exist on the net...)

Anonymous said...

thats so stupid where am i gonna get axe?

Zach said...

"thats so stupid where am i gonna get axe?"


grocery store, walgreens, walmart, target, k-mart...the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

canada is soooooooooooooo gay there isnt even a k-mart or target

and where the hell am i gonna get axe?

Anonymous said...

You don't have to use axe...use...Tag, or like hair spray if your mom or someone uses it...just something that had a presurized liquid in it..

Tagger12 said...

ok my name is ryan jones and if anyone has anything bad to say to this guy say it to me an experienced tagger this is just what i need to hit the heavenspots ok so back off a cop bothers u fer a can of axe ur fine if u got a buncha spraypaint ur screwed uu wanna talk crap my aim sn is tenraigamer12

Tagger12 said...

ok my name is ryan jones and if anyone has anything bad to say to this guy say it to me an experienced tagger this is just what i need to hit the heavenspots ok so back off a cop bothers u fer a can of axe ur fine if u got a buncha spraypaint ur screwed uu wanna talk crap my aim sn is tenraigamer12

Anonymous said...

I left an axe can with spray paint in it. On the can I put on it TEST CAN. I got at least 4 people than someone caught me. It was so funny. One guy sprayed his armpits and didn't notice and walked away. Another guy sprayed his eyes. So try this it works

Anonymous said...

How long does this take aprox to trasnfer the can from a reg sized bottle? Thanks, this'll be sick for the summer heh...No one will suspect the lil foreign kid.

Anonymous said...

omg, this is amazing

Anonymous said...

i tried this and im gettin more air into the can then paint can someone help me

Anonymous said...

fucker... you stole this from here

Anonymous said...

Dude, sweeeeeeeeet! I tried this with a WD-40 can and put paint in it, then i put it on a locker and it started to rust!

Anonymous said...

fucker... you stole this from here

WHO gives a FUCK

How To Do Stuff said...

It wasn't stolen, the pictures were reproduced and added to. Also, a lot of it was re-written. Also, another article on that forum was used. The authors of both articles gave us expressed written permission to reproduce and modify their work.

Randomguy said...

Not that I give a shit nor does it matter, but the only pictures that were reproduced were the two top ones. Just a heads up.

Anonymous said...

thanks alot man the is fuckin great. props to all who thoiught of this and it works great. also i mad the spray paint can really hot like put it into warm water and the axe can in the freezer for thirty mins. so try that and it will work better.

Anonymous said...

Ok...This is smart!! I'm a graffiti artist and just got busted...The cops took like 15 cans from me...If I had stuff like this they wouldn't have busted me....And it's not to refill cans dumass's....It's to hide it...This is just awsome

Anonymous said...

i think this is the best idea ever speaking as a writer now me and my friends will never get caught!!!!

Anonymous said...

your still gonna get caught, you gotta study the streets fuckin TOYS. werk

Anonymous said...

u guys are all toys!!!

Anonymous said...

this iz fukin nutz idea ... but u joked otha web sites nd datz jus plain GAYYY .....But itz still sikkkkk!!!! think of more ideazzz! pce

Anonymous said...

like how to spell

Anonymous said...

Your all idiots, the whole idea of this is to make a new color, one that isnt sold by the spray paint companies. The mixing of two colors creates a different color and thye amount of pressure that you put in the can is up to you depending on what situation the spray paint is being used for.

Anonymous said...

"the city is my blackbook"

Anonymous said...

dude thats so fucking awesome im gonna use this so much

Anonymous said...

fucking faggot ass toys in here.

yeah im talking to you tagger12


Anonymous said...

hah lol fucking toy said heaven spots , fuck marc eckos bitch ass, because of him we got all these fake ass writers now, fuck a toy

Anonymous said...

who says heaven spots......toy allday....alpha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ok ok guys calm down

to all the guys saying its a worse idea ever, or the shittiest idea ever, its not... and for the people saying its a great idea to go tagging with it.... its a dumb idea also because paint gets on the can most of the times and if a cop pulls u up, they are just gonna look at it and arrest you...

ok the reason thats this is a great idea because for people that acutely do graffiti art, its good because we can pump cheap paint into good cans such as Montana's, Belton's, bombers best, Ironlak's and so on.... ok and then you can make your paint from cheap paint and not paying shit loads of money to buy the same paint from Montana's.... i have a friend that does this same thing and his a prof graffer and he does some of the best pieces ever and he pays no more then 20 bucks, and he taught me how to pump cans, before i meet him i would be doing the same amount of colors in my pieces and paying like 80 bucks... now i save my money.... so everyone stop complaining please

femmme said...

Anonymous said...

all you toy ass fools shut the fuck up yall know nothing about tagging come to the NYC and mob some trains or go to europe and see was up

Anonymous said...

nigga youse atoy

Anonymous said...

wats the green thing at the end

Anonymous said...

thanx 4 the tutorial.. wat i like to do is get the tag (the body spray) and get the small one i think its called shot or something like that fits in ur pocket and very light weight....never ger caught :)

Anonymous said...

all of you are the stupidest idiots around. taggers suck ass and mess up the world..go get a dam job and some other type of non distructive go visit a zoo..or take out the trash.
be a good person and stop tagging its stupid . means nothing to normal people. just plain distructive to others property..
go tag your own home or car..or tag your gay buddies back..ya thats new....taggers are worthless assholes lol

Anonymous said...

fuck that gettin up game ull get nicked coz youve got paint on ur hands and on the can, most fucking probarbley wet, if u wanna do something like that, cover the can in a thinnn layer of maskin tape so no paint goes on the can, meaning no paint gets on the can, ne1 finkve that?
if ur goin out with a marker and a can of deodrant at 2am and a cop car stops ya, ur pretty much fucked, the ONLY thing this idea would be good for (good idea but not many uses) is for wat that guy sed about changin shit paint-good cans, customising colours, and doing train insides coz and if ur gonna do dis use a LYNX can! most unobvious pieceve shit ever
rave O.A T.D.O S.V

Anonymous said...

dude transfer hair spray into a an axe can and let youre friends or enemys use it it will make theire arm pits stick and itch lol

Anonymous said...


dport oner said...

man uuse are fightin ova stupid shit

it can be used for shitloads of things the thing i use it for is gettin nice thin lines for outlines and mixin shitty paint. man most of use think ur big tagger cunts that get up newsflash taggins fucking gay..go for a piece bruhs and then ull see wat graffs all about. cos right now use are jsut scribblin ur names all ova the fucking walls and wastin money cos no cunts gonna give u props for that shit man. i no some of australias best piecers and they all got mad respect cos they dont go around sayin yer man im a mad tagger...they piece and get respect boy thats how they got this way. man they guys tryin to give a good idea that can help all of use in heaps of ways and use are bien cocks about it....another thing man ehavens spots u can hit with enything dusnt have to be a msall can. TW HK OR POSSE HB DB ROM

Anonymous said...

this shits so funny ppl like to steel my axe let them do it again!

Anonymous said...

this is cool but not my answer to my question.

i want to find out how i can get a regular can of paint and put it into a spray paint can

Anonymous said...

ya can u get regular paint into a can and use it as spray paint?

Anonymous said...

you guys are idiots.... ALL OF YOU ... this is obviously for graffiti writers..... he uses a rustoleum can... and transfers into a bottle that wont land city bombers in prison....DUMB FUCKS!!!

915=PHK=CAAAH one

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone who said this is good for tagging.... if you have it in a backpack its more likely for a cop to overlook it as a opposed to having a rustoleum or a krylon can.... and if your hands get dirty put some FUCKING gloves on... if cops worry you then dont paint retard, if you don't like graffiti and you're a "normal person" (LOL that one made me laugh) then go back to your normal world and buff away!!


Fuze44 said...

Tagging and taggers suck. They make the world an uglier place. If I catch one of you bastards, I'm going to beat your ass.

d said...

why doesn't anyone here know proper english? it would help your argument a lot more if other people could understand it. just sayin.

also, to the people who say that tagging is for low-lifes and losers -- that's not entirely true. tagging is just another form of art, one that isn't controlled by any private or corporate means. there's plenty of beautiful graf in the world.

kyle said...

Nice Idea
PPL are stupid on here
the idea is so if u get stopped by the cops u dont get arrested for having spraypaint cans
Dumb asses

Anonymous said...

This thing does work and its awesome! I think tagging is tight.... only if its art. Not that hood shit and fucking gang crap, thats fucking making this work ugly. But the art and pictures that people tag... thats good shit..

Anonymous said...

Taggers are such losers.

Anonymous said...

aight this is how it is.. this shit makes a perfect prank but if you plan on tagging this is not the shit to use it for unless your a toy so if you wanna tag or do some throw ups or burners and shit you might aswell get some montana or if u dont got a shop that sells it go gets some krylon.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah... for all those people talking about getting pulled over by the cops and shit for one thing if your gonna go bombing dont use a fuckin car lol... and all you new taggers should keep practicing till u can actually do shit besides tags then you guys should head out to europe or NYC but be careful in NYC cause some locals hate tools especially if ur not from there. p.s dont use the axe shit unless for pranks or unless your selling them to some tools for 2$ a pop haha.

Carlos said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

is there anyone who knows how to refill an empty spray paint can?

coz that's transferring paint from a full can into another can.

Anonymous said...

eyem soo dooing this wen i get home

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Omega said...

I remember a time when graffiti was about art and self expression(even if it was unpleasant to look at), and nobody ever downed your shit ,or you as a writer(unless you were buffing their stuff of course). Also, if you enjoy tagging and would like an example of what not to be, look at a few of the self proclaimed taggers above this comment(preferably the ones with the bad grammar), because they are just haters, hating just for the sake of well... hating. And i wish people would stop dogging on the toys, me, and every great writer in the history of forever, were all toys at one point. Nobody ever woke up with the ability to perform masterful works of art via. aerosol can. So toys, get on out there and express yourself. Lastly, to the people that said graffiti was vandalism and illegal, you are technically right, but as far as it making the world an uglier place, i strongly disagree. Because, graffiti, for the most part, isn't done in your guys' little ideal suburbias,its done in places that are anything but ideal, and they provide bright culture and expression to a world that's dark and colorless. Sorry that my comment was completely irrelevant, but i had to let out the steam that i accumulated as i read the comments above. Yes, i read all of the 67 comments above, and yes, i am in need of a life.

Anonymous said...

Ow this is dam fucking nice...
but i dont get it why ppl say stuff like:
buy a new can cheaper
this suck where sould i get a pen
this suck where sould i get a axe
well stupid this is so u can take a axe with you and others will just think its an orginal axe :P

Anonymous said...

Cool i am going to try it

Anonymous said...


for another way to do this
watch my video

Anonymous said...

first off all u fuckin toys out ther keep writin kuz dars how u get beter..i live in an area were graffiti is everywhere..i think people who use dis axe shit are just bound to get caught.. ※ DEMO ※ *F.U.D.*

Proactol Reviews said...

Thats cool...but i wonder...can you use two or more different spray paint cans adn put a little from each one into the recieving can and have a new color?

Anonymous said...

Well duh dude! Lose ur life and read all 68 oomments!! LOL tagging is not gangster... It's ART and a way of expressing yourself. But make your Graf art and not some cheap ass wannabe... Keep practicing TOYS!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ok so for the ppl tht keep on tlkn shit, wats the point of it?? to feel the sadisfaction of being an asshole coz no1 can stop u since ur anonymous? ppl, damn. get a grip. grow sum balls and stop. this is a site where ppl can learn how to do stuff. y would u tlk shit WHEN UR THE ONE WHO CLICKED THIS SITE TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS?? hypoctitical. stop being so immature and the shit talking. karmas a bitch so watch ur fucking mouth. THERES NO POINT ON TALKING SMACK ABOUT THIS. you guys r being so rediculus. end of story..

asupposed"toy" said...

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous | 5:26 PM

Tagging and taggers suck. They make the world an uglier place. If I catch one of you bastards, I'm going to beat your ass.

guess what the world is ugly
then a "tagger" comes along does a
wildstyle mural
and its art and a lot less ugly

thus sir YOU FAIL

Anonymous said...

I love how people think that "taggers" and Writers use rustoleum and krylon. If you're a real writer you spend money on your pieces. Yes! We spend money! Also i'm kinda sick of experienced writers calling noobie writers "toys". Instead of spreading that hate, teach them some things. However, on the side of the experienced writers, noobies, please don't run your damn mouth. Keep your caps clean- ABAB

RS Gold said...

That's exactly cool...however i you really need two or more various bottle of spray coloring drinks adn decide to put slightly by every in to the recieving might this will let you completely new shade?

Anonymous said...

fuck 18shit

Anonymous said...

Tagging is for complete jackasses that have nothing better to do than vandalize public/personal property. Why don't you get the hell out of the 80's and get job that will pay you to do the same thing...that is IF you aren't too high from huffing half the paint you possess to fill out an actual application. Get up with an advertising ferm and show em your (honest) work and half of them may be impressed.

TRN said...

jus gonna throw this out there to all the real toys

heaven spot = a dangerous / deadly spot that will probably kill you (send you to HEAVEN) if you make a mistake hence the HEAVEN SPOT.

ive been bombing for 9 years and we all said heaven spots tried to bomb on heaven spots and nearly died getting there so
drop it you toys mark echo jus merchandised the phrase that writers have been using for decades.

one a good note this is a good way to hide your paint but there isnt exactly alot per can and carrying 25 axe/lynx or whatever u roll with is just as suspicious as carrying 4-5 cans of paint.

btw to mister Anonymous who says we snort paint we dont you clown if we did we would get caught cause we wouldnt be able to react and think on our feet to tag and then run whilst thinking 20 steps ahead of what we are doing..

glad i cleared up this mess im out


oh and if your gonna bitch quit over my tag "oh thats from mark echo's" i was tagging this ever since could write.. which makes sense with them being my initials.
soo waaayyyy before mark even thought of it..

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Anonymous said...

Tried it, made a mess of my shed, doesn't work

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