Monday, November 12, 2007

How To Make a Stealth Can Sleeve:

DISCLAIMER: In this article you are going to be cutting up an aluminum can. The pieces are really sharp. Be careful. We don’t take any responsibility for you cutting yourself.

DISCLAIMER II: We wrote this article really fast, so our can sleeve doesn’t look very good. This really takes some time to do. Our results turned out ok, no one noticed that we weren’t actually drinking Dr. Pepper, but the more time and effort you put into this the better it will look.

  1. Get a soda can.

  2. Cut the top and bottom off of the can. Cut along the blue lines in the picture below. I used a utility knife for both sides, but if you have a can opener that cuts from the side, that works best for taking the top off. You’re on your own for the bottom. You want to cut right along the line where the printed label meets the silver aluminum part.

  3. It should look something like this:

  4. Cut the can lengthwise using a pair of sharp scissors. You want to cut it where the label overlaps, this is right beside the nutrition facts. (I realize that in the picture below, I hadn’t cut the bottom off yet, but you should. It works better)

  5. You should now have a big rectangle of aluminum. It should just be the label. Trim up an excess aluminum if you can.

  6. Roll the can up so that it is tight. This will make it stay over the can tightly. My cuts aren’t very clean. I did this really fast, you might want to take a little bit more time to make your cuts cleaner than mine. This is the time that you want to smooth out any wrinkles in the can too.

  7. Slip the sleeve around your beverage of choice

  8. Enjoy!

This post was inspired by this youtube video by


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Captain Random said...

My brother tried this same thing. It didn't work out so well...

neil said...

nice way to get high!!!slip a beer under the sleve classic!!!!

BELIEVER said...

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Anonymous said...

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MetalLink99 said...

dude, I would be like Mario throwing fireballs at people XD!

Anonymous said...

...or you could just fill a soda bottle with beer, this seems like misdirected overkill to the next level

Anonymous said...

i think Metallink is on to something.... and believer is ON something

Anonymous said...

or just have a rum and coke

Zack said...

The can thing is cool, but if you were careful couldn't you just empty a soda can and then fill it with beer and cover it or something so it doesn't spill in your soda cooler or whatever you're using to transport?

pyroguy108 said...

couldn't u pry th top of a twist top off pour liquid in and jam top back on??

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Anonymous said...

Just use an insulated coffee mug. No one will ever suspect you.

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