Monday, November 14, 2005

How To Make a Flamethrower:

1) Get a small squirt gun. Make sure that it is a gun that you have to pump. This is because they have a series of two way valves which will prevent the flame from coming back into the gun and exploding.

2) Bend the wire from a clothes hanger so that it can be attached to the side of the gun, and sit about half of an inch below where the water would normally come out. The wire should extend about six inches in front of the gun.

3) Attach the wire in place using electrical or duct tape.

4) Using a rubber band, attach a birthday candle, horizontally to the piece of wire.

5) Fill the water tank with a fuel. Use lighter fluid or something like that. DO NOT USE GASOLINE!!!

6) Go outside.

7) Pump the gun, don't pump too much, just enough to get it to shoot.

8) Light the birthday candle.

9) Shoot.

10) Make any adjustments necessary to the alignment of the candle.


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Exhaust Flame Throwers said...

LOL! I'll keep this in mind on the 4th of July, but it looks a bit dangerous. I guess I will need to pound down a few beers to really make a good decision come Independence day.

Anonymous said...

my god take a paint ball gun, remove the valves that stop the airflow, and duck tape a trick candle at a 45 degree angle, about 1cm below the barrel and an inch out. Then all you have to do is screw a kerosene lamp fuel tank into the paint ball gun instead of co2, light the candle, and fire.

The gun is metal, so it wont corrode or catch fire like you idiots using plastic. it also won't LEAK like every one of those squirt guns ever made. depending on the quality of the paint ball gun, and on your craftsmanship, you get from 10 all the way to 40 foot flames.

Anonymous said...

Use a sparkler,

Anonymous said...

this is a n ok way of makin a flamethrower but you just make it my way:aersoel can and a lighter get the picture :}

cal said...

just get an aerosoel can and lighter :}

Anonymous said...

step one eat beans step two put lighter by ass

Anonymous said...

like the person above me said, a lot of these ideas are really good. some are just plain retarded. NEVER use gas in a closed container, especially a plastic one. and while aerosol cans do make decent flamethrowers, they can be *extremely* dangerous if you hold the button for too long. so unless you own one of those huge mw2 juggernaut-looking bomb squad suits, DO NOT use either one of those for a flamethrower.

heres why:

1. gas fumes are insanely flammable even in open spaces, and are explosive when ignited in closed ones. gas also erodes plastic, so putting it in a squirt gun close to any signifigant heat source is just plain suicidal.

2. flame tends to trail into the caps of aerosol cans if you hold the button for too long, which produces a loud, violent explosion. this could obviously cause you to lose a hand, among other things like inner ear damage and DEATH. it produces a lot of shrapnel too, which can cause all sorts of damage within its blast radius.

how do i know?

1. i lost a good bit of hair from dropping a match in an OPEN bottle with just a little bit of gas in it. the resulting jet of flame warped the bottle, directing the flame towards the side of my head. ive never had the brilliant idea to burn gas in a closed container, but my friend put about a pint of gas in a small bottle and threw it into a metal drum full of burning twigs. the result was a mushroom cloud of sparks, and a shockwave which was much more powerful than i expected. we felt it from about 20ft away and it shook a small metal building which was about 7-8ft away.

2. as for the aerosol, i was using hairspray to get a wasp nest out of a clothesline pole when the cap caught on fire. i threw it, but it only went about 2ft before exploding. a few pieces of shrapnel grazed my right middle and index knuckles and the backside of my right hip, while 2 more got embedded in the bridge of my nose and right shoulder. the one in my nose chipped the bone a little, but it came right out. that hurt bad enough, but then i had to use my left hand and a pair of tweezers to get the roughly 1/4 inch piece out of my shoulder. AND IM RIGHT-HANDED. also, my ears were ringing for a good 20 minutes or so and i think i may have damaged my right eardrum. BUT i consider myself lucky. a piece of shrapnel could have easily hit me in the head or a main artery or something else important like that. and since the can made it out of my hand before exploding, i still have a way to get any future shrapnel out of my left arm! (though having a flamethrower for a hand would be pretty cool, i must admit.)

and thats why i *try* to keep my "pyrotechnic experiments" as safe as possible, which usually arent too safe at all, since they usually involve blowing something up in a pretty fiery manner.

damn, this turned out to be pretty long, lol. i guess ill stop my rambling now and work on my potato cannon mortar. :D

just have fun and TRY not to blow yourselves up with gas-powered jetpacks or any other Idiot Award worthy device like that. -J.R. Severt

Unknown said...

i found a "pump n' spray" weed killer attachment and put it on a powerade bottle. tested it with water, and if those results mean anything, then this should turn out to be a pretty decent flamethrower.

1. full pressure shoots water a good 10-15' for about 10 seconds, but it quickly loses pressure and has to be repumped.
2. alternative nozzles give you a jet, spray, or mist.
3. fits any size bottle with an opening similar to powerade/gatorade bottles, including huge 1-gallon-sized bottles.
4. removable inner straw makes it possible to hang the fuel supply upside down, which is useful for backpacks or for mounting the flamethrower on a bike or something, which ill have to try when i get some non-suicidal fuel.

1. the rounded design of the device makes a fixed flame harder to construct, but it is possible. i made a rig with a clothes hanger and a small butane lighter with a rubber band holding down the button, but this KILLS your lighter. fast.
2. not the best pressure system, as it needs a repumping after every 30 seconds or so of continuous use. repumping properly takes about 5 seconds, which isnt too bad, but its still annoying. also, i suspect loss of pressure will lead to bad trailback, but idk.
3. it is uncertain whether prolonged upside down use causes leakage, but its a valid concern.

Unknown said...

Awesome this is a good idea but you can do better. I am currently working on a nuclear reactor.

Geordi said...

From One Blogger to another: Great Job on getting so many hits and comments. If only I could come up with something like this...

Now I trust u did this without blowing up...

Unknown said...

dude, i copied this to my zombie survival guide blog.

Anonymous said...

When i was reading through the comments, butane came up as a fuel. DONT!!! Smells like heaven, but burns like HELL-which means u'll get an explosion in your face. Not to mention it's expensive, and known as Camping Gas, the kind for camp stoves. BTW, i was thinking about a new style military flamethrower with solid fuel that thaws out. Pretty much frozen gas/napalm.

Anonymous said...

Buy the new Bonzai crank action water gun. It launches a little bead of water (in this case, liquid fuel). The little bead of fuel hits the small flame and makes a fireball. Careful if you do do this, because the gun might not shoot at first. A few cranks like the directions it comes with should fix it. Don't put your hand near it, I nearly burned my hand. I actually burned off quite a bit of hair off my arm...
If you read the instructions, they say the gun should be tipped forward to empty out excess water. Have a bucket to dump it in, reuse it later. When you empty the catch, blow out the flame or you could be in a lot of trouble.

I found this to be useful with... hmm... nothing...except for amusement

Anonymous said...

you can also use one of the garden poisin srayers and they are amasing!

Anonymous said...

i guess people are too dumb to make decent flame throwers these days...... thumbs up for that darwin award

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to the dumbass who said to use a lysol can is an idiot cuz if u use it for to long da can will heat up and BAM!!! hundreds of peices of metal shrapnel shooting into your body all that will be left of u is a bunch of shredded up body peices. so do us all a favor AND DONT USE AN AIR FRESHENER CAN with a lighted match lighted in front of it

Anonymous said...

To complicate I can't understand !

deathmerc said...

perfect for pyromaniacs like myself :)

CGS cat back exhaust said...

Wahaha! Amazing post. I am really thrilled.

Anonymous said...


so basically, use alcohol or acetone. or maybe just try and use some propane. cause that stuffs definitely lighter than the liquids mentioned here, and still much heavier than air.

Be safe, and you should probably mount and test fire with some kind of sting/ rod over the trigger before you, you know, pick it up ad hold it 4 inches away from your face....

Be safe and Have fun!
- James Ikanov.

Unknown said...

I don't like people like you Cus you think teens will do anything to light stuff on fire but I bet u just looked for this soooo keep all negative things to ur self

Anonymous said...

can i use coiled insect repellant instead of candle?

Anonymous said...

Going to set some shit on fire! Nah but seriously nice post.

The hardcore way to make a flamethrower said...

Take a 100,000 PSI pump meant for a waterjet cutter and fill it with liquid nitroglycerine. This will have approximately the power of a small thermonuclear bomb.

Anonymous said...

This stuff is lame what you really want to do is make a pair of napalm knuckles and military grade flame throwers with a power tool and gears to create a spiral of flames and a thermite grenade launcher.

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Anonymous said...

Should work better if you shake the fuel, putting air in it.

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